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We strive to equip Trainers, Coaches, and Business Owners with the right tools, knowledge, solutions, and expertise so that you can achieve your goals and strengthen your success. 

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Transform Training into Business Outcomes

This interactive workshop is based on the bestselling Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning. It stresses realworld application of proven tools, techniques, and processes; combining 8 hours of live virtual workshop, 3 hours small group coaching, 6 hours self-paced learning and 8 weeks of on-the-job support for learning transfer.

Learn how to apply the 6Ds that turn training into business results:

  • Define Business Outcomes
  • Design the Complete Experience
  • Deliver for Application
  • Drive Learning Transfer
  • Deploy Performance Support
  • Document Results

Transforming your Brand Offerings to win deals in the new normal

Join our Masterclass and take away what you need to rebrand, reposition and restructure your offerings to approach the market with a New Conversion Strategy.

Over a 3 weeks journey, you will learn :

How to let your clients know that your offline expertise is still relevant online
How to design & create a Hybrid delivery model that your client will pay for
How to commercialize a Freemium offer that your clients can’t resist.

Create a flexible lifestyle, work from anywhere and make money doing what you love.

But creating an online course can be intimidating – you’re not sure where to start, what to teach, how to create a good learning experience, or sell the course when it’s done.

You need a coach.

In this Masterclass, you’ll learn how to confidently create, sell, and deliver great online courses to your audience on your own terms. Get expert help in building a learning experience that others are willing to pay for.

If this is your first time creating an online course, or you’ve created one already but still trying to get it successful, this masterclass is for you!

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We’re experts in helping trainers, speakers, and coaches because we understand what you and your business model needs. 

Trainer Branding
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Coaching & Mentorship

Our Experts

Raymond Phoon

Master Trainer, Coach, Business Transformation Expert, and International Speaker

francis chin

Frances Chin

Certified Sales Trainer, Marketing Strategist, and Customer Care Expert

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