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It’s more than just an LMS; it’s your legacy.

Our Engage Learning Management System is a top-of-the-line enterprise LMS platform that is built to empower Trainers, Coaches, and Business Owners in ways that save them time and money.

Build your community following, increase sales, and retain amazing ROI by marketing and promoting your courses online through our LMS to your clients, all from the comfort of your own home.

EngageLMS strives to help trainers, speakers, and coaches deliver their content in engaging and effective ways. 

Develops and Grows Businesses

Our EngageLMS Platform is perfect for any Business Owner, Trainer, or Consultant who is looking for ways to expand their influence and ownership. The platform allows you to build a flexible array of varying courses, which will allow your students, participants, and clients a sampled assortment to choose from. Perhaps you have individuals or organizations that prefer self-paced or one-on-one coaching courses. Well, now you can offer them just that in a cinch.

Flexible Lifespan

Our platform also allows you the ability to set the lifespan of your courses, ensuring that your customers only receive your content when you want them to receive it. Our platform designed for lifetime access, date-restricted access, and drip content.

Flexible Price Plan

Our LMS is built to cater to what you need. Want to take it for a free test drive? Need to only digitize your course just once? Want to pay in installments instead of annual recurring charges? We’ve got your covered.

Adjustable Student Access

Want to create a platform where your students subscribe to your programs via membership? No problem! EngageLMS is responsive and comprehensive enough to give you the freedom in setting what kind of access you’d like your customers to have.

Extensive Discount System

Our LMS gives you the flexibility to market your courses the way you want. Want to promote a course for 20% off? Create a coupon through our built-in discount system and watch the clients pour in!


Key Value Adds

Make the Most of Your Time

Our LMS allows you to immediately get started with building up your Online Training Business so you can start making money today. 

Easy and Efficient

We’ve made sure that the setup and integration process is quick and easy for you. Focus on creating your content, and we’ll handle the rest. 

Get a Great Return on Investment

Choose whatever subscription plan that fits your situation, criteria, or preference. Our price plan is here to help you achieve great ROI. 

Increase Productivity

You’ll receive 24/7 access to our online content production team when you subscribe to our Engage membership through EngageLMS. Leverage our team’s expertise and knowledge to your advantage by building your sales pages, edit your videos, organize your content, and much more.

Join a Large and Supportive Community

Join our dynamic and active Professional Training Community! Learn and support one another as you grow and expand your training business. Our network of Trainers is here to inspire each other. 

Access to the Best Enterprise Leading Tools

Need technology to continue to evolve alongside you and your business? We’ve got you covered! With EngageLMS, you’ll get exclusive access to your own customized, domain branded website along with our customizable built-in LMS system. You’ll also be able to gain an unlimited storage of learner information, a fully functioning ChatBot solution, integration to your favorite virtual meeting tool, and much more.

Course Creation

EngageLMS helps online course creators transform their expertise, experience, and passion into profitable outcomes.

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Multimedia Lessons Offering

Reach your targeted student demographic by offering your course content in a large variety of different formats; video, audio, text and, many more.

Quizzes + Timer/Assignments

Create multi-dynamic quiz formats to help you reinforce student learning and test course comprehension.

Course Builder

Utilize our drag and drop, what-you-see-is-what-you-get course builder to build your online courses with ease. Building online courses have never been so effortless.

Drip Learning Content

Ease your student’s learning journey by arranging your course content dripping them to fit your chosen timetable.

Unlock/Lock Lessons

Set a prerequisite that your students need to fill in order to move on to a specific course or lesson.

Track Courses

Track your students’ courses and lessons before offering them certifications when they’re ready.

Dynamic Student Dashboard

Your students receive their own student dashboard that allows them to track their progress while still staying organised and focused.

Multi-Instructor Assignment

Expand your reach without the stress of running yourself ragged by utilising our multi-instructor feature. Utilize the benefits of this feature and assign multiple instructors to a specific course.

Downloadable Lessons

Offer downloadable worksheets, eBooks, PDFs, audios, and other files to encourage and empower your students’ learning journey offline.

Import/Export Courses

Want to export your content on different sites like Udemy, Skillshare, etc.? Or import your online content from another site without the hassle? No problem! Our import and export feature allows you to migrate and license your content.

Flexible Discussions Platforms

Strengthen and grow your community by utilising our discussions platforms. Interact with your students through lesson comments, forums, private coaching rooms, and more.

Course Type Variability

Create an array of different courses, ranging from self-paced to fixed. You have full control over how you want your courses to be structured.

Course Review

Increase your credibility and strengthen your ethos by collecting different testimonials and sincere reviews from past students who’ve taken your courses.


Rake in more sales by expanding your reach to many different countries with many different languages. Our LMS is built to provide your courses through the translated language of your student’s choice.

Customizable Sales Pages

Hit your target audience by having different sales pages catered to fit their interests wants, values, etc.

Engage Your Learners

Our entire EngageLMS was founded on the idea of helping you generate substantial learner engagement. We want to ensure that your courses hit the mark every time and your student community are always left satisfied with their learning journey. 

Achievement Badges
Personalized & Automated Emails
Private Coaching
Create Public Private Forums

Easy Integration

We know that integrating with other third-party systems can be a tedious and tricky task. However, thanks to our tech team, we’ve managed to extend the reach of your LMS functionality to smoothly integrated with other third-party systems. Gone are the days of tedious workflows!

Live Zoom Sessions
Integration CRM System
Secured Video Hosting
Easy Intergration for Legacy System
Builtin-In CMS


Our LMS platform is designed to help you profit. 

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Credit Card/Debit Card

Collect your payments through Paypal or Skype payment gateway.

Payment Flexibility

Want to give your customers the ability to buy your course once? Or perhaps you want to charge for a single annual membership? Maybe a customer needs to pay in instalments? No problem! Use our flexible feature according to your preference.

Recurring Payments

Ensure business sustainability and continuous cash flow by enabling recurring payment options through our smart payment feature.

Flexible Pricing Model

Our LMS includes a pricing powerful feature called Access Plans. With Access Plans, you can choose to restrict and set your pricing lists however you want.

Subscriptions/Membership Plans

Promote your learning courses by enabling your customers the subscription or membership feature. Then, sit back, let your customer pool grow, and profit.

Unlimited Student Enrolment

Want to guarantee that you can always bring in customers/students without needing to cleanse your students database? Just use our unlimited enrolment feature!

Modifiable Discount System

Want to increase your buyer’s purchase activity? Or promote a bundle plan as part of your marketing campaign? Use our modifiable discount system and provide coupons, vouchers, partial student scholarships, affiliate promotions, and much more.

Smart Currency

Our LMS can handle all types of currency around the world without any third-party integration.

Accurate Sales Reporting

Generate and receive accurate reports for any finance or reporting needs. Utilise comprehensive analytics for future business planning.

Purchase Order Management

Manage and store all of your purchase orders all in one, consolidated space.

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