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Our goal is to help you focus on creating relevant and effective training content that impacts lives. Our team of experts will assist you in integrating all the moving parts required in a growing a training business so you can focus on what really matters–reaching your goals and imparting your expertise.

Your mission is our mission and we’re ready to take your business to new heights. Are you?

Training Enablement

Branded LMS or LMS by Project

Get your own custom-built LMS that’s not only designed to fit your brand, but also the functionalities that support your business model. Utilize the best LMS features to engage with your audience, boost learning performance, and drive learning engagement in many different ways. By utilizing our platform offering, you are able to host your custom branded look & feel while delivering your learning solution in impactful ways.


From making key business decisions to uncovering new opportunities, an experienced mentor can guide you through your journey. Our mentorship program is designed to help you grow your business as a trainer, speaker, and coach. If you’re looking for a personal, flexible mentorship program, look no further. Our one-on-one tailored program is perfect for you. We’re here to help you to reach new heights, develop stronger business acumen, and win at every turn.

Coworking Space

Need a space where you can share an office, knowledge, tools, ideas, and solutions without worrying about huge overhead costs?

Well, we have the answer you need.

We provide co-working space and a collaborative environment for other Trainers, Coaches, and Thought Leaders like you so that you can focus on growing your business.

Digital Enablement

Digital Marketing Services

Having great content only plays 50% of drumming in business. What really helps get your content and material out there is awareness. And how is awareness created? Through a solid Digital Marketing Campaign.

Now, you may be thinking, “I already know that. But how am I going to find the time or effort to ensure that the campaign is properly set up?” Well, we can help you with that.

Our team of Digital Marketing Experts can help you build a strategic Digital Marketing plan and ensure that your leads convert into customers. We strive to establish solid and successful Marketing plans and solutions so that you can do what you do best: succeed.

Professional Video Production

We live in a society where watching videos are the norm. It’s an everyday occurrence, receiving content through video. In fact, digesting content through a video format is so common nowadays that it’s off-putting to some if some content is in different formats.

So, how do you ensure that your content able to maintain its core message and integrity while still rising to meet the expectations of a society accustomed to video?

Our video production team will be able to support and help you achieve just that! Our team is well-equipped to help you create engaging and marketable videos that save you and time money on the bottom line.

Copywriting, Graphic Design, and Web Development

In order to keep up with new industry trends and changes, businesses like yours need to evolve alongside them. Your continued evolvement may require restructured business models, different sales approaches, rebranding, or original trendy content to ensure that you stand out amongst your competition. But how do you get all or some of that done without sacrificing too much time, effort, and money?

Well, we’re here to help! Our team is highly skilled and well deft in ensuring that your content is solid, your design is engaging and eye-catching, and your website is outstanding so that you can continue to meet industry standards and impress your prospective clients.

Training Gear Become a Partner

Become an affiliate partner and receive the benefit of having your program or course circulated all around the world through our LMS platform or online certification classes. We create the space you need so you can share your expertise with others. 

Want to share your insights, expertise, and passion with countless others? Try becoming an instructor through our Engage Academy Marketplace! Our marketplace is the perfect platform for you to launch your online courses and build your student/participant community. 

Training Gear Become an Instructor

Raymond Phoon

Master Trainer, Coach, Business Transformation Expert, and International Speaker

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Andie Phoon

Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketer and Content Marketing Expert

Tricia Lim

Digital Marketing Specialist

Diyana Maya

Digital Designer

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