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EngageLMS Price Plan

EngageLMS is a highly scalable and powerful Enterprise Learning Platform that has effective and elegant layout options, user-friendly navigation, easy-to-use course builders, engaging discussion forums, efficient course management, and much more.

Full Control

  • Supports a flexible Business Model
  • Fits both B2B and B2C business models

Copyright Protection

  • Your content is secured and encrypted
  • Cloud storage for your Media Content

  • Every user has their own secure S3 Amazon account

Cost Effective

  • Get a great return on investment
  • Profit and increase your income
  • Customizable pages that fit you or your client’s brand

Membership Subscription Plans


Annual Subscription Plans


Standard Plan

$ 177 / monthly
  • Corporate Clients
  • Training Providers
  • Personal Use

Premium Plan

$ 357 / monthly
  • Corporate Clients
  • Training Providers
  • Personal Use


Monthly Subscription Plans

Starter Plan




Standard Plan




Premium Plan




Member Benefits

Personal Onboarding Specialist

Every member will receive an assigned Onboarding Specialist to help walk you through the setup process and get you started. Getting started will be seamless and painless. We’re with you, every step of the way!

24/7 Access to Our Course Creation Tutorials

You’ll be able to access our E-Learning portal to watch fully comprehensive course creation tutorials to help you get started. Each tutorial is designed to help you reach your success quickly and efficiently.

LMS and Website Development

Our production team is here to help you build, customize, and launch your own website and LMS. Get ready to further your success!

Step-by-Step Content Creation Guide

Unsure where to begin in creating your online course? Don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect resource for you! Start by planning what you want your course to include, then design your content. After, get in touch with our team to ensure that your content hits all the Best Delivery requirements and standards.

Payment Gateway Options

ENGAGE LMS supports Stripe and PayPal as a payment gateway. Your Onboarding Specialist is here to assist you in creating your account and the setup process, should you run into any problems or difficulties.

Pre-Launch Testing

Once you’ve configured and set up your courses, website, and LMS to behave the way you want them to, you can test them out by leveraging our Pre-Launch Test offering. The Pre-Launch Test is designed to help you test your enrollment system, learning tracks, discount system, payment collection, etc. so that you and your customer can enjoy an effortless process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know so you can use EngageLMS like a pro.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us directly.

Yes. You’ll need to make sure that you register your own domain name if you’ve not registered one before. While our Premium Plan includes your own domain, we do not include the registration of a domain name. If you need any assistance, your assigned Onboarding Specialist will be more than happy to help.

That’s not a problem at all! If you have the Premium membership, we can help you create a sub-domain instead and have it point to your LMS. Please get in touch with your assigned Onboarding Specialist. They are equipped to assist you with that.

Any user that is enrolled in our membership will receive a step-by-step on how to record, create, and produce your videos. If you want a more professionally recorded and produced video, please get in touch with your Onboarding Specialist.

Nope! You don’t need to buy one if you don’t want to. Our LMS provides you with video production services so you don’t need to spend extra.

Yes. There’s no binding contract. You can cancel your membership subscription whenever it’s convenient for you. However, your account will still remain until the next renewal date of your subscription (annually or monthly). There is no contract. If you want to cancel, please get in contact with your Onboarding Specialist.

Yes, that’s no problem! You can start off by trying out our One-Time Course Creation package so that you can see how you can get your content ready. If you decide that EngageLMS is perfect for you, just choose a membership plan to subscribe to! You’ll then be assigned to your own Onboarding Specialist.

Of course! Our LMS ensures that your content is yours. Our platform enables you to export your videos to XML files, which are compatible with other LMS platforms.

Not at all. For Starter & Standard Memberships, all your videos will be securely hosted through our Amazon S3 storage account.


If you have the Premium Membership, all your videos will be securely hosted through your own Amazon S3 storage account that we will help you apply. You will be responsible for the account privacy as well as the fees associated with it once your storage passes Amazon’s standard threshold. This is the ultimate copyright protection feature.

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